Underground Storage Tanks

Since the implementation of federal underground storage tank (UST) programs, Huff & Huff, Inc. has provided a variety of professional engineering services to owners and operators of USTs. We have supervised the removal of industrial, commercial, agricultural, and residential USTs.  We have conducted remediation activities involving UST sites in eleven states. Our p ojects have ranged in complexity from single tank sites to solvent-based tank farms of more than 50 UST’s. H&H is experienced with both Federal and State UST regulations and policies and has prepared all necessary documentation of UST activities for government agencies.  Our project sites have included gasoline stations, industrial facilities, agricultural properties, and residential sites. Specifically, we are experienced in the following areas:

  • Preparation of specifications
  • UST removal oversight
  • Investigation of releases
  • Remediation (of both petroleum and industrial chemical USTs)
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Design of new UST and AST systems

In addressing USTs, we have successfully remediated releases with a variety of technologies, including soil vapor extraction, air sparging, groundwater treatment, free-product recovery, in situ bioremediation, in situ chemical oxidation, land farming, and composting. Huff & Huff, Inc. typically uses a combination of technologies, such as air sparging with soil vapor extraction.  We have successfully remediated over 150 LUST (Leaking Underground Storage Tank) incidents in Illinois alone.

We also prepare reimbursement forms for tanks eligible for state reimbursement programs. Since 1991, H&H has received over $2,000,000 in reimbursement funds for its clients, with payouts from the fund in excess of 95 percent of the amount requested.