Regulation Development

Huff & Huff, Inc. has an impressive track record of involvement in regulation development, which highlights our expertise in the field.  We have provided review of proposed regulations and participation in the hearings for a variety of regulations.

  • Rule Changes/Adjusted Standards
  • Pretreatment and User Charge Programs
  • Effluent and Water Quality Standards
  • Toxic Pollutant Surveys
  • Use Attainabililty Analysis (UAA) Process

Nutrient Standards – Huff & Huff staff currently serves on the Illinois Nutrient Standards Committee.  This committee recently developed water quality standards for phosphorus and total nitrogen, which are critical components in the nutrient standards development.

UAA – Huff & Huff is currently actively involved in the Use Attainability Analysis process for the Chicago Area waterways.  Our firm has provided testimony on behalf of two industrial dischargers, reviewed and commented on reports, and assisted in development of alternative regulations.

Rule Changes/Site Specific Regulatory Development – Our experience in evaluating the cost-effectiveness of regulatory alternatives gives us a unique expertise on developing optimal regulations. We have used this to assist industrial plants and municipalities in developing site-specific effluent standards for the appropriate regulatory authorities.

Expert Testimony We have offered expert testimony in a variety of areas:

  • Economic factors of site-specific rule changes and variances
  • Environmental assessments for municipal and industrial sources for appropriate numeric effluent limitations
  • Site-specific regulatory requests from municipal dischargers, two oil refineries, and a combination inorganic chemical plant/POTW
  • Stream sampling has been conducted as part of most of these projects